One of the things I’m forcing myself to do more of is shop in my closet. If you can believe it, I have clothes stored in three separate rooms in my house. I have clothes in suitcases, I have clothes in closets, in dressers, in tubs… everywhere. I have the habit of just rotating the same 20 or so items in my closet and not wearing much else. To break that up, today I decided to dig a bit further into my wardrobe and pull out some things that rarely get any love. Every piece in the this outfit is something that I’ve either never worn or have only worn once or so.

This leather fringed vest is something that I thrifted almost two years, I wore in one of the first outfits I ever posted on this blog (heads up, the outfit was terrible) and I haven’t worn it since. It felt too cowgirl-ish to me so it sat in my closet. This white sheer top is actually cropped (I just tucked it in) and I picked it up in the sale Nasty Gal had back in February I believe. The armholes were really small so I had to do some DIY to make it work, I just snipped the threads on both sides and voila, plus-size friendly! This skirt is one that I picked up from JIBRI about a month ago but it had just been sitting on my dresser since I got it. It’s the same as her amazing high waist flare skirt but its a different material than the cotton twill and it has a very subtle black-on-black dot pattern. The booties are ones I picked up in the Evans sale a couple months ago for about $15. I have to give it to Evans, I have two pairs of heels from them and they are really really comfortable. You can run, jump or whatever without worrying about spraining your ankle. The champagne bodysuit underneath was also picked up in the Evans sale for $7. I love sales!

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As I previously mentioned, I’m all about fat girls in crop tops this Summer. I picked up this top in the mid-season sale at ASOS (it’s from the main range, size UK18/US14) and it’s pretty much perfection. Since the wind was blowing a bit today, I layered it over my lace bodysuit from Evans to keep things covered a bit. This red pleated skirt was another eBay score, it was only $5 and it serves as one of the few colorful items in my closet.

These platform mary-janes from Forever21 are the most uncomfortable pair of heels I own. I’m not sure if it’s because of the arch or the actual height of the heel (5 inches) but they are only for those outings where I won’t be standing for long periods of time. It sucks because they are super cute but really unbearable after a few hours.

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It finally feels like Springtime outside and the perfect way to celebrate that is by debuting these shorts I picked up in a Torrid clearance sale a while back. I usually don’t pay much attention to their sales but these were $4.99 and I couldn’t resist.

Although (one of) my favorite parts of my body is my legs, I never wear shorts. The reason? They seem way too casual, I always feel like shorts lend themselves to either washing the car or going to the beach/pool. Nothing more, nothing less. I decided that I needed to find a way to put them into rotation in my wardrobe so I paired them with my trusty oversized sheer shirt. Added a slight pop of color (I’m all over tan/camel colors this Summer!) with a camel belt and satchel with black oxfords from the Evans sale. The sun has been beaming so hats are a must as sun damage is not on my must-have list this year. This is still a bit casual but it doesn’t look like I’m going to walk the dog or something so… I deem it a success.

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Following up last year’s size issue featuring Tara Lynn on the cover, this year French Elle is featuring plus model Robyn Lawley in a 10+ page spread modeling this Spring’s hottest fashions. She’s absolutely gorgeous and I love the bright colors featured in this editorial, the last two images especially.

If you’re looking for the latest in plus model images and news, please head over to Runway Revolution. Pippa is the best, she has opened a magazine shop where you can purchase this issue! So if you’re interested in having this issue, I’d advise you to hurry and place your order, they sold out pretty quickly last year.

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Let’s be completely honest here. The only redeeming part of Lane Bryant these days is the Cacique Initimates line, otherwise there’s not much else that really warrants me spending my money there. So when I saw that they finally put up the video from their runway show in Vegas, I was excited. Now if we remember, back in the early 2000s Lane Bryant was known to put on an amazing runway show. I’m not sure if people remember the show they did called “The Big Kiss” where KISS performed and supermodels like Tyson Beckford walked the runway. So they know what they’re doing when it comes to staging shows but in the past few years, it had been non-existant. They set out to re-emerge this year (thanks in large part to the ridiculous amount of good PR they got from the Cacique commercial that was “banned”) with this year’s show, which seems like it was modeled a bit like the Victoria Secret fashion shows, with the themed sections and the fun, playful, somewhat over-the-top aspect of it all. And Ashley’s finale? Yes to everything about it.

Annoyingly, the show is cut up into the different sections but I’ve posted them all below and included their old runway shows because they were amazing.

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