It’s really really hot and almost impossible to find something decent enough to wear to work without being too inappropriate. I posted about this dress way back in May and after some back and forth with ASOS, I finally got my hands on it two weeks ago. When it first arrived, I wasn’t a fan of it. There was something about it that I didn’t like but shit got real when I realized I needed to do laundry this morning. Therefore, I took this out for a test spin and surprisingly I started to fall in love with it, especially the cutout on the back. It was definitely worth the $35 or so that I paid.

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There’s been some slight changes since my last update but the gist of it is this: new city, new job, new home, same color palette. Although Chicago’s humidity seems to be unrelenting, some things never change, my love of black clothing. I did a bit of online shopping last week since the only clothes that I brought with me were sheer, cropped or bodycon (or my fave – all three) and not quite work appropriate. I bought this ballerina dress from Forever21+ and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it quite often this summer. It’s knit with a tulle overlay and was perfectly toughened up with my trusty Evans biker vest (now amazingly accessorized with a few pins from indiegoespop). The sunglasses I found on ebay and they were only $3, so now I can finally stop obsessing over round lenses.

Since Brittney took these photos and they aren’t completely horrible, I’ll probably start posting outfits more often (or as often as I can).

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