383 / ootd: zig-a-zig-ahhh

(Hopefully everyone got and appreciated the Spice Girls reference that is the title of the post.)

I usually don’t update during the week but I really liked this outfit so I snapped a quick photo after I got home from work. Both the long sleeve printed dress and the racerback black dress over it are from ASOS (size uk18). I put my faux leather vest from Forever21 over it and wore the metallic blue skinny belt from ASOS Curve.

Sidenote: I have such shitty lighting in my apartment so that’s why it’s in black and white.

Also since we last chatted, I got a few new tattoos!

black dress, printed dress, belt – asos
vest – forever21
tights – avenue
pin – indiegoespop
wedges (not shown) – juicy couture

381 / ootd: weekend carma

In a recent post I mentioned that I placed my first Carmakoma order since they were having their big end-of-the-season sale. Since arriving, I’ve been wearing the dresses nonstop as they serve as great throw-on-and-go pieces (I’m sure everyone knows by now just how much I hate mornings). This dress is the Gull and I bought it in an XL but I should’ve sized down to an L for a more fitted look. Because it’s too big and made of knit, it doesn’t really have a shape without a belt. However, I love love love the leather patches on the shoulder and the fact that it has a hood. The overall length is perfect and the fact that that back has an additional two inches or so added is great because it’s annoying to have the back of your skirt/dress be higher than the front because of all the junk in the trunk.

I paired the dress with my new favorite thigh-highs from Hips & Curves. They have a backseam which makes them that much better. Prepare to see them a lot.

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378 / ootd: vintage glam

This outfit is actually from this past Thursday as I attempted to take photos before I left for work in the morning. I’m not a morning person and can barely function before 10am so I’ll have to find another alternative since it gets dark so early these days.

Anyway, now that it finally feels like wintertime in Chicago, I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of my faux fur coats. This coat in particular is from Yours Clothing. I don’t know if anyone remembers but I had a bit of an issue with them about the order that this coat was in as it took about 2 months for it to arrive. Regardless, I still love it because it makes me feel super glamorous whenever I wear it. I paired it with a basic long-sleeve black bodycon dress from the ASOS main range (size uk18) and the blue metallic skinny belt from ASOS Curve. The tartan briefcase is also from the ASOS sale and gosh, it’s really perfect. This outfit is giving me some vintage glam, of which I’m not really known for, and I’m loving it.

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377 / ootd: sunday brunchin

Sundays are usually reserved for sleeping in, doing laundry and cleaning but lately I’ve been heading out to have brunch at this nice little spot a block or so from my apartment. Because it snowed a bit late last week, there’s a lot of slush left on the ground but I really couldn’t be bothered to wear weather-appropriate boots this morning. I decided to break in this two-tone faux fur jacket from ASOS Curve and pair it with a lace button-up that I got from Forever21+. The skirt is one that I’ve had forever as it was a thrift score from a few years back. Ripped sheer tights from Avenue and my black glitter wedges complete the ensemble.

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CarmaKoma – As many retailers are having their end-of-season sales, I decided to check out what CarmaKoma was offering. I’ve posted about them previously but I had never ordered a single thing, the international shipping was too much for items that I was unsure about if they’d fit. Since they had a few items I liked that were marked down to about $30, I took the plunge and purchased the dresses above. To my surprise, their shipping was only $26. I’m pretty sure it was more expensive in the past but regardless, I’m looking forward to finally getting my hands on a few items.

Nikki Lipstick / ASOS XL Rose Headband – I don’t remember how I came across Nikki Lipstick, I’ve seen her and her shirts/pasties around for a while but I couldn’t pass up this zombie crop top. It’s just too good.

After my last outfit post, I was contacted by ASOS’ SEO team asking me to include links to their items in my post if I had the time. Well ASOS, I’ll never ever have the time. Maybe you should invest in a better search bar for your website that offers thousands of items rather than emailing bloggers to do your job. As if wearing and photographing an item from them isn’t enough free promo, please add the link too!!! There won’t be any linkage to ASOS items in my blog posts so if you’re so inclined to buy anything I post, I hope their site’s search function actually works.

ASOS Tartan briefcase, ASOS Paloma Wedges

ASOS Curve Bodysuit w/ Mesh Shoulders / Domino Dollhouse Robin Metallic Leggings – I don’t wear leggings, every time I find a pair that I like, they just end up sitting in my closet. However these leggings from Domino Dollhouse are everything. I can picture so many outfits with these that I am counting down the days that they arrive on my doorstep. The best part is that they’re currently on clearance for $20! If these are as perfect as I expect, I’ll definitely pick up the red and turquoise versions.

375 / ootd: now with more sequins

For the past two years or so, myself along with a lot of other people have been basically begging for someone to make our dreams of plus size leather shorts a reality. A few months ago, Torrid came through with these faux leather shorts and I immediately snatched them up. I know I give Torrid a lot of shit (that they most definitely deserve) but I give props when they’re due and they hit a homerun with these. They’re pretty short which is exactly how I prefer my shorts and I’ve found they work best with oversized/boyfriend blazers and tights.

Today I paired them with a sheer cropped white button-up from Nasty Gal and the sequined blazer from ASOS Curve. I will say that this blazer is not worth the $130 price… at all. There’s no structure to it and I was going to return it but I’m lazy and never made it to the post office. I unbuttoned a few top buttons and bunched up the sleeves to make wearing a button-up and blazer seem more causal and laidback. I finally made use of this oversize red metallic clutch I got in an ASOS sale a long time ago. It’s been collecting dust in my closet so I took it for a twirl.

edit: There were a few people that asked about the clear wingback chair, you can find it here!

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Sidenote: Do not judge the Hannah Montana soundtrack playing faintly in the background, Miley is amazing!!!

It’s hard to take outfit photos now that it’s getting dark so much earlier, but I’m working on a new setup so that I’ll still be able to update with outfits and such. For now, here’s a quick video showing some recent purchases (this video was filmed this past Tuesday). From the last videos, I got a few comments asking me to post links to the pieces that I’m showing so I’ll add those below for anyone who is interested.

- asos flamingo shirt
- asos curve ovoid dress
- asos curve polka dot skirt
- gisela ramirez
- lip service dress
- glitter + satin wedges


this post is copied from xtinathegreat.com, so some of you may have seen it before.

It’s taking me way longer than I planned to put together a fall 2011 shopping list but in the meantime, I’ll just post some things that I’ve purchased recently. Let’s start with the shoes!

Ok before I go any further, let me express how much I despise heels without platforms. There is absolutely nothing more uncomfortable than heels without a platform, and with that being said, above are two pairs of heels I bought without platforms. Let me explain… now I love platform heels and wedges but I’ve noticed lately that they seem to be getting taller and chunkier (read: uglier) which isn’t my thing. So when I came across the above pairs, they seemed really refreshing and I had to buy them. Paired with cropped trousers, I think it’ll be a nice contrast to the legions of people in flares and 3 inch platforms.

I hate Forever21+, I really do. I believe them and Torrid are currently fighting for the number one spot on my shit list. However, when I saw the leatherette tank, I thought it would be a cheap way to add some interesting texture to my wardrobe. Also, who could ever turn down a red studded (faux) leather jacket?! Let’s hope it actually fits…

This jacket is interesting. Originally it was spotted at City Chic and a lot of people (myself included) really loved it at first sight. Then randomly, I came across the very same jacket featured on the homepage of Ashley Stewart last month. See here’s the thing, we all know the jacket isn’t going to be of amazing quality, it’s 100% Polyurethane I believe. Apparently City Chic thought that because it’s so trendy!!! and avant-garde!!! that someone was going to pay $139AU ($146 USD) for that shit. C’mon now, we’re fat, not desperate. I bought that jacket from Ashely Stewart for $45, which is around how much it should cost. Period.

So much for a City Chic exclusive, right?

Anyway, listen to me rant, curse and show you what else I’ve purchased all while being an idiot.
(Skip to 3:30 if you don’t care about what’s going on with Musings.)


It’s really really hot and almost impossible to find something decent enough to wear to work without being too inappropriate. I posted about this dress way back in May and after some back and forth with ASOS, I finally got my hands on it two weeks ago. When it first arrived, I wasn’t a fan of it. There was something about it that I didn’t like but shit got real when I realized I needed to do laundry this morning. Therefore, I took this out for a test spin and surprisingly I started to fall in love with it, especially the cutout on the back. It was definitely worth the $35 or so that I paid.

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The camera cut off during the first one, so the second one is just a continuation. Below are a few of the items that I mentioned in the video, you can click the links and it’ll take you to their respective sites. Also mentioned, Brittney’s brand-spanking-new blog Born in Sequins!

- ASOS Curve Collar Insert Dress

- Hips & Curves Sheer Mesh Dress

- ASOS Curve Belted Sixties Skater Dress

- Evans Spot Extra Wide Leg Trousers

- Circle Vintage Sunglasses

- Jeffrey Campbell Lace Up Wedges