Last summer during the YFF Conference, we had a chance to meet and have dinner with the City Chic team. Back then, they had yet to launch the US counterpart to their main Australian site but it recently went live. While I had known about City Chic, I never paid too much attention to their offerings because their aesthetic seemed to skew towards overly feminine clothing with cutesy bows, ruffle and heart details in pastel color palettes. Some time last year, they had an macrame top that Hayley posted about on their blog and I fell in love. They also had a fringe skirt that (Hayley also superbly modeled!) I loved so much, I asked an Aussie friend to pick one up for me from their local store and ship it to me. So while their aesthetic is still feminine, they have enough interesting and different pieces to keep my interest.

Phil (the President of City Chic) was gracious and gave each of the YFF Conference bloggers a $200 voucher to spend on City Chic clothes. I received my order a couple weeks ago but I placed another late last week because they just launched the Chic, Rattle & Roll 50s Pinup collection and I needed a few more items. When the second part of my order arrives, I’ll do a proper review but until then, here are some pieces that I have my eye on! FYI, some items are from the US site and some are from the Australian site (which has international shipping) so be sure to check both.

City Chic is also offering 30% off and free shipping on all US orders, enter code BM30FS at checkout to redeem.