CarmaKoma – As many retailers are having their end-of-season sales, I decided to check out what CarmaKoma was offering. I’ve posted about them previously but I had never ordered a single thing, the international shipping was too much for items that I was unsure about if they’d fit. Since they had a few items I liked that were marked down to about $30, I took the plunge and purchased the dresses above. To my surprise, their shipping was only $26. I’m pretty sure it was more expensive in the past but regardless, I’m looking forward to finally getting my hands on a few items.

Nikki Lipstick / ASOS XL Rose Headband – I don’t remember how I came across Nikki Lipstick, I’ve seen her and her shirts/pasties around for a while but I couldn’t pass up this zombie crop top. It’s just too good.

After my last outfit post, I was contacted by ASOS’ SEO team asking me to include links to their items in my post if I had the time. Well ASOS, I’ll never ever have the time. Maybe you should invest in a better search bar for your website that offers thousands of items rather than emailing bloggers to do your job. As if wearing and photographing an item from them isn’t enough free promo, please add the link too!!! There won’t be any linkage to ASOS items in my blog posts so if you’re so inclined to buy anything I post, I hope their site’s search function actually works.

ASOS Tartan briefcase, ASOS Paloma Wedges

ASOS Curve Bodysuit w/ Mesh Shoulders / Domino Dollhouse Robin Metallic Leggings – I don’t wear leggings, every time I find a pair that I like, they just end up sitting in my closet. However these leggings from Domino Dollhouse are everything. I can picture so many outfits with these that I am counting down the days that they arrive on my doorstep. The best part is that they’re currently on clearance for $20! If these are as perfect as I expect, I’ll definitely pick up the red and turquoise versions.