380 / ootd: saddle up

If you follow me on Tumblr, you may have heard about my love of saddle shoes. Ever since Jeremy Scott sent down his rendition of them with a super chunky pink heel, I have been needing to get my hand on a pair. So a week or so ago during a late-night texting session with Brittney, she linked me to these AMAZING Jeffrey Campbells which were everything I loved. I immediately purchased them and have been resisting the urge to wear them with everything. I even purchased the more practical version from Payless for those random trips to the store where 6 inch heels may be too much. The blazer is one I picked up from SimplyBe a long time ago and it had been sitting in my closet ever since. I had nothing to wear it with but now it goes perfectly with my new shoes!

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374 / ootd: starting over

So it’s been a while… the good news is that 2012 will definitely see a resurgence in blog activity. I’m sure I’ve said it previously but then I disappeared again haha but really, this time it’s for real. Nothing much has changed since I’ve last blogged except my address. I stopped crashing at Brittney’s and got my own place and now it’s basically me vs. the self-timer. Also, after almost 6 months, I was finally reunited with most of my wardrobe last week so I feel complete in a way. The outfits that I wear now are a better representation of where I’m at and what I’m into, whereas earlier it just a mashup of whatever I had in my suitcase or bought recently online. Blahblahblah enough of that, onto the fashions!!!

I’m still very much into long lengths and I bought this skirt on Etsy a few months back and have paired it with everything from crop tops to sweaters. Even though it’s wintertime here in Chicago, I refuse to give up on my sheer tops so I just layered it under a faux leather vest and skinny bowtie from ASOS. The sheerness keeps the outfit from being too covered up and stuffy. This Cast of Vices leather bag is my new favorite. I’m not a bag girl at all but I couldn’t pass up this one that is based on the plastic thank you takeout bags but is done is the softest lambksin leather.

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