375 / ootd: now with more sequins

For the past two years or so, myself along with a lot of other people have been basically begging for someone to make our dreams of plus size leather shorts a reality. A few months ago, Torrid came through with these faux leather shorts and I immediately snatched them up. I know I give Torrid a lot of shit (that they most definitely deserve) but I give props when they’re due and they hit a homerun with these. They’re pretty short which is exactly how I prefer my shorts and I’ve found they work best with oversized/boyfriend blazers and tights.

Today I paired them with a sheer cropped white button-up from Nasty Gal and the sequined blazer from ASOS Curve. I will say that this blazer is not worth the $130 price… at all. There’s no structure to it and I was going to return it but I’m lazy and never made it to the post office. I unbuttoned a few top buttons and bunched up the sleeves to make wearing a button-up and blazer seem more causal and laidback. I finally made use of this oversize red metallic clutch I got in an ASOS sale a long time ago. It’s been collecting dust in my closet so I took it for a twirl.

edit: There were a few people that asked about the clear wingback chair, you can find it here!

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I think I’ve stated on more than one occasion that I’m not much of a fan of Torrid or Forever21+. However, the one thing that keeps me going back to Torrid is the fact that they carry the Tripp skinny jeans. When this version with the faux-leather patches went online, I knew I had to order them. This red leather jacket from F21+ is the only item I’ve ever purchased from them that I really really loved. The jacket is actually really heavy and doesn’t feel flimsy/cheap which is always a concern when shopping there. It’s definitely the best thing they’ve ever offered.

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Sidenote: Do not judge the Hannah Montana soundtrack playing faintly in the background, Miley is amazing!!!

It’s hard to take outfit photos now that it’s getting dark so much earlier, but I’m working on a new setup so that I’ll still be able to update with outfits and such. For now, here’s a quick video showing some recent purchases (this video was filmed this past Tuesday). From the last videos, I got a few comments asking me to post links to the pieces that I’m showing so I’ll add those below for anyone who is interested.

- asos flamingo shirt
- asos curve ovoid dress
- asos curve polka dot skirt
- gisela ramirez
- lip service dress
- glitter + satin wedges


(this post is copied from xtinathegreat.com so some of you may have seen it before.)

Originally I wasn’t going to post this outfit as it’s pretty similar to my previous outfit post (and the sun was setting) but at the last minute, I decided to. I’ve been wanting to add a few plaid pieces to my wardrobe and I found this wool blazer on eBay for about $8. It has metallic thread woven throughout so it’s basically perfect. The skinny velvet bowtie is one that I got at ASOS and I love that it helps to add to the menswear vibe of the overall look. As mentioned in the last outfit post, I’m loving cropped pants this season and the proportions of shorter pants paired with longer tops/jackets. This is just a simple white button up shirt that I got from Avenue paired with the extra-short Tripp skinny jeans I got from Torrid. Lastly. my creepers are 2 inches of perfection, it’s like walking on air all day long. I love love love them.

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366 / ootd: back like I never left

(this post is copied from xtinathegreat.com, so some of you may have seen it before.)

It has finally cooled down enough to where I’m not melting into a puddle every time I step foot out of the house, therefore I’ve been easing back into wearing layers. This outfit isn’t anything special but it’s a precursor to what some of my fall 2011 wardrobe will include, namely the cropped pants and (amazing!) Kanye loafers. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of cropped trousers of any kind. I purchased two pair from Curve and to make a long story short, they’re absolutely TERRIBLE. So I turned to the only jeans that have never let me down, the Tripp skinny jeans from Torrid and took advantage of their current BOGO sale and purchased two pairs in extra short to give the desired effect. My normal inseam is 34 inches and these have an inseam of 28 inches I believe. They really are the best jeans ever and even as they fade, they still look good!

In regards to the loafers, I saw this outfit that Kanye wore a while back and fell in love with the suede loafers he wore. I was determined to get my hands on something similar and was excited when I came across these on ASOS from the brand River Island. Since I walk about 98% of the places I go here in Chicago, I have to be more practical when it comes to my footwear selection. While I’ll always love my heels and wedges, I won’t be that girl on the train in 5 inch platforms. Therefore, I’ve been buying lots of cute loafers and ballet flats for the fall.

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It finally feels like Springtime outside and the perfect way to celebrate that is by debuting these shorts I picked up in a Torrid clearance sale a while back. I usually don’t pay much attention to their sales but these were $4.99 and I couldn’t resist.

Although (one of) my favorite parts of my body is my legs, I never wear shorts. The reason? They seem way too casual, I always feel like shorts lend themselves to either washing the car or going to the beach/pool. Nothing more, nothing less. I decided that I needed to find a way to put them into rotation in my wardrobe so I paired them with my trusty oversized sheer shirt. Added a slight pop of color (I’m all over tan/camel colors this Summer!) with a camel belt and satchel with black oxfords from the Evans sale. The sun has been beaming so hats are a must as sun damage is not on my must-have list this year. This is still a bit casual but it doesn’t look like I’m going to walk the dog or something so… I deem it a success.

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